A London Escort In Love

Before I joined London escorts, I had a partner who kind of treated me badly. I don’t have a problem being around men, but I certainly have a problem trusting love again. This guy was at first the most romantic and loving person that I had ever met, and I agreed to move in with him. At the time, I was working for an escorts service in Guildford and he soon talked me into leaving. I wish that I had been working for London escort at the time as I would have been a bit better off.

Yes, my partner did have a lot of money. Like I have told my friends here at the best London escort agency, things were fine at first. He went out to work, and I was waiting for him when he got home from work. The girls at London escorts raised their eyebrows when they heard that as they realized that I was being controlled by him. At the time I did not think very much about it. He was kind to me and he gave me money. There is no way that I would think he would hurt me.

I knew that my partner liked to drink, and it was during one of these sessions that he first hit me. My new girlfriends at London escorts say that I should have reported to the police straight away, and the fact is that I should have done. If I had done that, I would have found out that he had a previous record for hitting women. But like my new found friends at London escorts say, it is easy to be wise after the event. At the time, I thought that he had just lost his temper but in reality it was a lot more than that.

He did hit me again, and this time I did call the police. They took him away to talk to him under caution, and when he got home, I had left. He had not taken his wallet, and I managed to get away with £500. Yes, I had some money in my own bank account, but I thought that I deserved something for all of the bruises like I said to my friends at London escorts. A few hours later I was in London carrying a suitcase, and managed to find a place to stay with a friend of mine.

As I had previous experience of escorting, I started to contact various London escorts services. In the end I found a part time job with a London escorts service and started a week later. Now, I am busy rebuilding my life again. I am not sure what the future holds for me, but I am feeling more positive now. But, I have promised myself that I am not going to rush into any relationships. If I do fall in love again, I will make sure that he is a really nice guy even before I let him into my apartment.

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